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Our Team

At Nanclares Veterinary Clinics we are professionals in the different veterinary disciplines, ready to respond to all the needs of our patients, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We have a multidisciplinary, dynamic team, in constant growth and progress, with the commitment to offer our clients, through personalised attention, a comprehensive quality service.


Ana Martínez

Veterinary Director

Ana is a veterinarian and director and founder of the Nanclares Veterinary Clinic in 1994.

Ana and Alberto, once they had finished their veterinary degrees at the Complutense Faculty in Madrid and Lugo respectively, entered a competition for Young Entrepreneurs of the Basque Country Government with the project “Veterinary Clinic and Kennel”, coming in second place. The project they presented is precisely what they have achieved today with great effort. Since then Ana has not stopped attending courses and congresses to continue training and specialising in anaesthesia. She is a member of AVEPA, SEAAV (Spanish Society of Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia) and GAVA.

Alberto Villanueva

Veterinary Director

Alberto is a veterinarian and director and founding member of the Nanclares Clinic in 1994.

Since then he has been attending numerous congresses and theoretical and practical courses to continue his training and specialise in traumatology and soft tissue surgery. He is a member of the Spanish Small Animal Veterinary Association, the GTA and the GEVO.

Carmen Díez


Carmen has a degree in veterinary medicine from the University of León.

Since then she has been working at Clínica Veterinaria Nanclares and has not stopped studying and training by attending a large number of courses and congresses. She has spent time at leading ophthalmology centres and her long career as a veterinary surgeon has led her to specialise in internal medicine, preventive medicine and soft tissue surgery. She has a special interest in ophthalmology and ultrasound, specialities in which she continues her training.

Amaia Sáez


Amaia graduated in veterinary medicine from the University of Zaragoza in 2006.

She worked for a few years in another small animal clinic and since 2008 she has been working in our clinic gaining experience as an internal medicine vet, although her specialty is dermatology and she is currently specialising in oncology.

Itziar López


Itziar graduated in veterinary medicine from the University of Zaragoza in 2007.

In 2011 she went to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to do an intensive course in Physical Therapy in domestic animals at the Centro de Especialidades Médicas Veterinarias. In November of the same year she did an internship in the Small Animal Physical Therapy Service at the Olivos Veterinary Centre in Buenos Aires. Later, in 2020, she obtained a diploma in veterinary acupuncture from IVAS. She has been working at the clinic since 2012 and continues her daily training by taking courses in physiotherapy and rehabilitation as well as other specialities. She is currently responsible for physiotherapy and rehabilitation at the clinic.

Laura Gómez


Laura graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the University of León in 2016.

Since then she has worked at several small animal clinics. She joined our clinic in Miranda in 2019 and since then she has worked in internal medicine and emergency medicine. Her main areas of interest are ultrasound and echocardiography. She has already completed several courses and stays and continues to train in these areas. She is also in charge of the weight control of those dogs that come to us with a few extra pounds. What a great job!

Estela Cerezo


Estela graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Zaragoza in 2005.

She is in charge of our exotic animal service and since joining us in 2008, she has continued to train, completing courses and stays at clinics specialising in exotic animals.

Cristina Letona


Cristina graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Zaragoza in 1988.

She is a member of AVEPA and of Gemfe, a group specialising in feline medicine. Her main areas of interest are feline and canine medicine and she regularly participates in courses and national congresses on internal medicine and diagnostic imaging. She started working at Clínica Veterinaria Nanclares in 1995 and currently works as a surgeon and internal medicine veterinary surgeon at our clinic in Miranda. She is passionate about her work and her treatment of clients and their pets is outstanding.

Ania Oviedo


Ania graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the University of León in 2020.

She is the youngest of the team but no less enthusiastic than her colleagues. She is active, lively and highly responsible. Her enthusiasm and eagerness to learn will make her a great professional. She is currently working in internal medicine and emergency medicine.

Veterinarian Technicians & Assistants

Andrea Gutiérrez

Veterinary Assistant

Andrea is a veterinary assistant. In 2016 she completed a master's degree in companion animals at the CCC study centre

and has taken courses in clinical assistant, grooming and canine aesthetics. She has always been passionate about animals and since 2019 she has been working at the kennel looking after and cuddling all the dogs that are brought to us.

Mariví Abad


Mariví is a veterinary assistant and works as a receptionist at the Nanclares Clinic.

She is the friendly face of the clinic as she takes perfect care of all the clients and pets that come through the door. She has worked closely with animal protection associations. She perfectly organises all our appointments and bookings for the dogs that come to the kennel. 

Valvanera Blanco

Veterinary Assistant

Valvanera is starting her career with us as a veterinary assistant.

She is passionate about animals and has a promising career.  

Ianire Sampedro


Ianire is a veterinary assistant and technical assistant and also trained as a dog groomer at Artero International Academy.

Since 2006 she has been working at the kennel looking after all the dogs that stay there. She is our most experienced kennel assistant and also our groomer.

Lorena Cabielles

Veterinary Assistant

Lorena completed her degree in Psychology in 2013. Her passion for animals led her to take the Animal Assisted Intervention Technician course.

In 2015, she started working as an assistant reception at both clinics. She and her co-receptionist form an unbeatable team that makes the everyday work of the veterinary staff so much easier.

Estela Briñas

Veterinary Assistant

Estela has recently completed her veterinary assistant and technician course at Essae.

She was thrilled to start working at our kennels just a few months ago. She is highly responsible, passionate about animals and loves her work.

Estíbaliz García

Veterinary Assistant

Estíbaliz is a telecommunications systems technician and works as a receptionist. She is the clinic's most experienced computer and social media specialist.

She is in charge of welcoming our clients with the widest of smiles, as well as placing orders. She is also highly skilled at organising and handling our appointments system.