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Nanclares Kennel

Our kennel in Nanclares de la Oca has the best equipment and facilities at your disposal to provide you with the highest level of care.

Nanclares Kennel 0

The Nanclares Kennel is located on a 10,000 m2 site shared with the Nanclares Veterinary Clinic.

We are the only kennel managed by veterinarians, which makes our clients trust us to the detriment of other kennels that need to hire an external veterinary service. It has 60 modern 8 m2 kennels for small and large dogs. All the kennels are heated with an electric underfloor heating system. A space to walk and have a good time playing with your pets. We also have a large car park and heated kennels.

In addition to being a residence, dogs that need post-surgical recovery, rehabilitation therapies or any specific treatment that their owners cannot carry out at home can also stay at the facilities. Of course, as long as they are not infectious-contagious processes.

As for food, we only work with premium quality brands and we also have veterinary prescription diets, specific for certain diseases or pathologies.

Our location in an industrial estate means that our clients have no parking problems, which is especially important when they bring injured animals or those with mobility problems.

We try to make the surroundings attractive to our clients, so that they feel at ease and can relax outside the clinic while they wait to be seen, not worrying about traffic and letting their pet take a stroll in the gardens.


  • Monday to Friday: 10am-2pm and 5pm-8pm
  • Saturday: 10am-2pm