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Our Team

All members of the San Francisco de Asís Veterinary Clinic work together to ensure that both the pets and their families feel at home.

The good working atmosphere extends to our clients, with whom we are proud to maintain an excellent relationship of cordiality and trust. For us it is essential that owners feel free to express their concerns to us and help us to address any issues.

From the reception staff to the vets and our assistants, we all share the common goal of offering you an optimum experience in our centre and the best medical-surgical options for your pet.


Pablo Medina

Veterinary Director

CertVOphthal. MRCVS. Pablo graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Cordoba in 1991.

After 2 years at a referral hospital in Barcelona, he spent more than 11 years working in the UK, where he owned and managed a veterinary clinic with more than 20 employees. During his time in the UK, he specialised in ophthalmology and obtained the prestigious Certificate in Veterinary Ophthalmology from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. On his return to Malaga, and after a short period working in a clinic in Marbella, he took over the reins of the San Francisco de Asís Veterinary Clinic, where he is responsible for the ophthalmology service. Apart from his work in the clinic, his greatest passions are horses and pigeons.

Carla Farrés


Carla graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Barcelona in 1995.

On completion of her studies, she decided to start her career in the UK, working in a number of veterinary clinics and the PDSA, an NGO that provides veterinary services for people in financial difficulty. In 2006, she returned to Spain, working for several years with a shelter in Marbella and other clinics in the area. In 2011, she took over the management of San Francisco de Asís Veterinary Clinic with Pablo Medina and, with the support of Eduardo in reception, they gradually transformed it into the clinic it is today. Her main area of work is soft tissue surgery.

Santiago Durán


LV, CEAV Médecine Interne, VEaMISpec. Santiago graduated in 2002 from the University of Cordoba, and since then he has worked exclusively in small animal clinics.

After combining work and training in France for three years, he returned to Spain in 2004 to work at referral hospitals on the Costa del Sol, where he was in charge of their endoscopy and minimally invasive surgery services. He holds a Certificate in Advanced Studies in Internal Medicine (CEAV-MI) from the École Nationale Vétérinaire de Nantes (France) and is a University Specialist in Endoscopy and Minimally Invasive Surgery, a qualification awarded by the University of Extremadura (Spec. VeaMIS). Santiago has completed stays at referral centres in France, Austria and Spain and is the lead author of publications in Spain and has co-authored books, articles and congress presentations on a national level. His main area of interest is gastroenterology, an area that enables him to apply his expertise in internal medicine, minimally invasive and soft tissue surgery. He joined our clinic in 2019 and set up our Endoscopy and Minimally Invasive Surgery service. He consults in English, French and Spanish.

Patricia Liñán


Patricia graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the Faculty of Cordoba in 2015, fulfilling her dream and vocation since an early age.

During her studies, she collaborated with the animal nutrition department and completed internships in numerous veterinary clinics, further fuelling her determination to work in this profession. After graduating, she began to collaborate as a veterinary surgeon at an animal shelter in Marbella and to work in a small animal clinic. Later, her inquiring spirit and a passion for goats led her to take an interest in the field of goat health and breeding. As a result, she became the veterinary surgeon for a goat association for several years. Determined to remain permanently up-to-date with the latest developments in her profession, she is constantly undertaking training courses in laboratory diagnostics, ultrasound, medicine and surgery, feline infectious diseases and dermatology, etc. At the end of 2018, she joined the team at the San Francisco de Asís Veterinary Clinic. Her area of work is internal medicine, with a special interest in feline clinic and diagnostic imaging with abdominal ultrasound. She is bilingual in Spanish and English, and has a basic knowledge of German.

Carlos Marqués


LV, GPCert SAS, acred. ISVPS. Carlos graduated in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Cordoba in 2012.

He has worked in various centres in internal medicine, intensive care and soft tissue surgery. He spent 2 years at a speciality hospital where he worked exclusively with referrals and second opinions, as part of the ICU department, performing the functions of an emergency physician and general surgery registrar. In 2017 he completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Small Animal Surgery, Traumatology and Veterinary Neurosurgery, and in 2018 obtained the European Certificate in soft tissue surgery, neurosurgery and small animal traumatology (General Practitioner Certificate in Small Animal Surgery – GpCert SAS), and was registered as an accredited member of the ISVPS (International School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies). He has published in the journal ARGOS in Spain and Portugal, collaborated with communications at the GEVO Conference (working group of Orthopaedics and Veterinary Traumatology) and communications at the Congress of the Spanish Society of Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia (SEAAV). He is co-author of “Las 105 consultas más frecuentes en la clínica veterinaria”. His main area of interest is soft tissue surgery.He joined our team in 2021.

Valérie Boulanger


DVM, CEAV Med. Int., Certificate SAVP- DERMATOLOGY (ESAVS). Valérie studied at the Ecole Nationale de Vétérinaire d'Alfort in the Paris region and obtained her PhD in Veterinary Medicine from the University Paris XII in 2003.

During her university education, she completed several stays at referral centres in the Paris region, Lyon and Berlin, as well as at the École Nationale Vétérinaire de Lyon and the Cambridge Veterinary School. After a further year’s work in France and obtaining the Certificate in Advanced Studies in Internal Medicine (CEAV-MI) from the École Nationale Vétérinaire de Nantes, in 2004 she travelled to Spain to work at a referral centre on the Costa del Sol. Since then, she has started her training in dermatology, successfully completing numerous courses in Spain and Vienna, before sitting the exam to obtain the prestigious Certificate of Small Animal Veterinary Practice / Dermatology ESAVS (CSAVP in Dermatology (ESAVS)), awarded by the University of Luxembourg. In January 2021, she joined our clinic creating and being responsible for the Dermatology Service. Her main areas of medical interest are dermatology, endocrinology and internal medicine. She carries out her consultations in Spanish, English, French and German.

Veterinarian Technicians & Assistants

Eduardo Ulzurrun de Asanza

Veterinary Assistant

Eduardo is a vocational animal lover. He studied Biological Sciences at the University of Granada (1994-1999) and also undertaking several courses in botany, herpetology, ornithology and entomology, etc.

For a considerable time, he worked as an environmental guide in the province of Granada. In 2003, he moved into the pet sector, taking courses in canine and feline hairdressing and beauty, working in this area until 2006, when he joined the San Francisco de Asís Veterinary Clinic. Since then he has worked in various areas of the clinic. Today he works mainly in reception and customer service.

Andrés García

Veterinary Assistant

Andrés has a Diploma in Labour Relations from the University of Malaga. After 20 years working in a tax and accounting office, he decided that it was time to do what he has been passionate about since childhood: caring for animals.

He qualified as a Clinical Care Assistant in Veterinary Centres, obtaining the highest grades, before joining the San Francisco de Asís Veterinary Clinic, where he feels like a member of the family and is extremely proud of all his colleagues. He is grateful for the chance to help not only the animals, but also their families, as he is keenly aware pf the concerns and hopes they feel towards them. In his leisure time, he enjoys sport, classic cinema and hiking with his dog Arya.

Patricia Campos

Veterinary Assistant

Patricia has a passion for all animals but especially dogs, leading her to centre her life on the various areas of the canine world.

She worked for the Canine Society of León, organising various dog shows and competitions, carrying out administrative tasks and collaborating in the promotion of native breeds such as the Mastiff and the Carea. She organised training, ethology and caniculture courses for the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in León. She had the good fortune to be a disciple of Rafael Casado de Lucas and Félix García Rodríguez, from whom she learnt about training, handling, canine ethology, canine culture and ethnology at the Pradohondo canine centre in the Sierra de Guadarrama and at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in León and SOCALE. She has participated as a speaker in various canine courses at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, associations for autistic children, old people’s homes, etc. She has collaborated with animal shelters such as Melampo, Spag or the Asociación de Animales y Plantas de León and worked as a volunteer for SOD Vencejos with the approval and permission of the Junta de Andalucía, feeding and breeding swallows and swifts for their subsequent release into the wild. Although she has worked at other veterinary clinics, it is at the San Francisco de Asís Veterinary Clinic where she has found her niche and the opportunity to apply her expertise, training and passion since 2018. Bilingual in Spanish and English, she is also fluent in German and Russian.

Diana Rodríguez

Veterinary Assistant

Diana joined our veterinary clinic in 2019. Due to her interest in veterinary medicine and animals, she completed a year of practical dog training with the APCA in 2017.

She later went on to train as a veterinary technical assistant at Campus Training, qualifying in 2019. Her main interest is in the areas of surgery, hospitalisation and anaesthesia. She has trained in all these areas, although her plans include further training and possibly to pursue a veterinary degree.

María del Amor Martínez

Veterinary Assistant

María del Amor has been part of the team at the San Francisco de Asís Veterinary Clinic since 2021.

She completed the Veterinary Technical Assistant course in 2015 at the EFIVE international veterinary training school. From an early age, she knew that she wanted to work with animals; indeed, she is passionate about her career and is eager to continue her training and helping all the patients at the clinic. There are 7 dogs and a kitten in her family and she loves to walk Luli and Maguie, her two small dogs. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, partner and pets.

Laura Huertas

Veterinary Assistant

Laura's great passion is animals. Since childhood, she has been a client of the San Francisco de Asís Veterinary Clinic, accompanying her parents and pets.

Her love for animals led her to study and train as veterinary assistant. She completed an internship with us in 2021 before becoming a permanent member of our team.