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Ozone Therapy

OZONE THERAPY A new form of natural therapy, with no side effects, which is being increasingly used in all human hospitals. In veterinary medicine, its use is currently limited to treatments such as support for herniated discs, arthritis and joint arthrosis, tendinitis. We also use it in otitis, vaginitis and cystitis, either directly or in serums and oils. In addition, we use it as an immune system stimulant by ozonating your own blood with both major and minor auto-haemotherapy.

The new techniques of alternative medicine are advancing and improving in their knowledge, we improve the results in their applications. Our centre has a record of excellent results in the use of ozone therapy in the following processes:

  • Help in non-invasive techniques for herniated discs, by means of paravertebral application of ozone.
  • Treatment of vaginal, ear and skin infections by applying ozone directly or in oils.
  • Application of ozone infiltration in joints for cases of arthrosis and arthritis.
    Intratumoral, bone marrow, intravesical, intraperitoneal or rectal ozone injections.
  • Stimulation of the immune system by ozonisation of the immune system’s own blood. Major and minor auto-haemotherapy.