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Our Team

The Castaños Veterinary Clinic is staffed by a multidisciplinary team composed of 4 veterinary surgeons trained in different specialties to the highest level. This enables us to offer pets the finest standard of professional care.

Our team also includes 4 veterinary assistants and one highly experienced groomer.


Unai San Martín

Veterinary Director

Veterinary Director and a graduate in veterinary medicine from the University of Zaragoza. A veterinary surgeon with a strong vocation, he has 20 years’ experience working with small animals. In 2016, he completed a master's degree in Oncology at Improve and since then he has continued to train in veterinary oncology. He is currently working to obtain accreditation in Oncology with Avepa. He has practised as a general vet and a surgeon, and has extensive experience in emergency and hospital care, etc.

Susana Martínez

Veterinary Director

Founding member and partner of the centre. Susana graduated from the University of Zaragoza and has worked as a general veterinary surgeon, surgeon, anaesthetist and emergency veterinary surgeon. She has extensive experience in pet medicine, and is passionate and committed to her work. She is currently working to obtain accreditation in specialisation in Feline medicine.

Jose Carlos Rodríguez López


Veterinary Surgeon Graduated from the University of León in 2014. He has completed internships in a number of veterinary hospitals, specialising in small animals. Eight years’ experience in small animal day clinics, working in various areas such as internal medicine and surgery. He is currently carrying out training in orthopaedics.

Jone Ezkurdia Cabriada


Veterinary surgeon Since graduating from the University of Zaragoza in 2019, she has worked at the Castaños Clinic since then. During this time, she has worked in the emergency department, with hospitalised animals, general daily consultations and exotic animals. She is currently training in the speciality of diagnostic imaging.

Veterinarian Technicians & Assistants

Aizea Martínez Hernández

Veterinary Assistant

She is a trained veterinary assistant, technical veterinary assistant and operating theatre assistant. She carries out reception and hospitalisation work and assists the veterinary surgeon as required.

Itsasne Rubio Urbieta

Veterinary Assistant

She studied veterinary assistant, veterinary technical assistant and operating theatre assistant between 20016 and 2017. She joined the Castaños Veterinary Clinic in 2019 and since then she combines her work with courses in; nutrition, hospitalisation, and telephone management. She is a member of Catlover.

Naia Mazariegos Sánchez

Veterinary Assistant

Naia has been part of the Castaños team since 2011. She began her career taking care of the aesthetics of our furry friends and since 2015 has been part of the auxiliary team. She is currently responsible for the reception, customer service and administration team. She is in charge of welcoming our clients with the warmest of smiles. She has extensive experience in chiromassage, and also as a hairdresser, childcare assistant and shop assistant. Animals and nature are her greatest passions.

Mónica Gallo Orbe

Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary assistant specialising in surgery. She accompanies the surgeons in the operating theatre and in hospital. She is in charge of monitoring post-surgical patients. She always shows great enthusiasm and dedication to her work".