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Our Team

Our team is made up of young and active individulas, with a total of 8 veterinarians who have extensive professional experience, an ATV, a groomer and a receptionist.


Javier González

Veterinary Director

Javier is the Director of the Bodión Veterinary Hospital and is responsible for surgery, specialising in traumatology, neurology-neurosurgery and TAC.
He studied veterinary medicine at the UEX and spent a year at the University of Valencia. Afterwards, he worked in a clinic until he opened his own centre. Ever since then, he has taken more than 70 courses in different specialities, with a special interest in traumatology and neurosurgery, his great passion. In addition to making stays in reference centres in the country, he is a member of specialised associations such as AVEPA and AVEMI.

Ana María Olivera


Ana graduated in veterinary medicine from the UEX in 2011, where she was a student intern in the department of surgery for several years. She began her professional career doing a rotating internship at the Valencia Sur reference hospital,
specialising in the area of anaesthesia and intensive care. She has worked in other hospitals in Valencia until 2015, when she decided to return to her homeland and started working at Bodión Veterinary Hospital. Throughout these years, she has been in continuous theoretical and practical training, attending courses, conferences and workshops; mainly focused on diagnostic imaging and soft tissue surgery. She is currently completing her postgraduate diploma in surgery at the UAB. Outside of work, she is passionate about mountaineering, climbing, and is a thrill seeker.

Fernando Trinidad


Fernando graduated in veterinary medicine from the UEX in 2017 and was a student intern in internal medicine and diagnostic imaging. Once he finished his studies,
he started working for two years in a veterinary centre in Ciudad Real, where he specialised in emergency and intensive care, diagnostic imaging and basic surgery. In April 2020 he returned to Extremadura and joined Bodión Hospital, where he works as a veterinarian in the daytime team and has developed his knowledge in the field of internal medicine and laboratory diagnostics. He is a cheerful, ambitious person with a positive attitude. Outside of work, he enjoys music, fishing and the nature in Extremadura.

Marta Pua


Marta has been passionate about the animal world since she was a child. She has been a volunteer for several animal shelters, where she learned about the behaviour and care of furry animals.
She graduated in veterinary medicine at the UEX in 2019, and was a student intern in several departments. Parallel to her studies, she did internships in different veterinary clinics and also obtained the title of higher vocational training in pathological anatomy and diagnostic imaging. After completing her studies, she joined the emergency team at Bodión Hospital. She has completed several courses in internal medicine and her goal is to continue her training in intensive care and diagnostic imaging.

Patrycia Gadja


Patrycia graduated in veterinary medicine at the University of Varmia and Masuria in Poland in 2019, with two years of studies at the veterinary faculty in Cáceres, obtaining the Spanish homologation.
She then started a period of internships in reference hospitals, focusing on internal medicine and large animal surgery. After working with companion animals, she started training in the emergency and intensive care of small animals. She is currently part of the emergency team at Hospital Bodión. Patrycia enjoys all specialties, especially cardiology. She loves working in a team and in her spare time she like to play sports, go horse riding and taste Extremadura wines.

Juan José Alcántara


Juan José has a degree in veterinary medicine from the University of Extremadura. He did his internship in the internal medicine service of the University of Extremadura.

Later became part of a veterinary clinical team where he performed soft tissue surgery, internal medicine and emergencies for 7 years. He is passionate about nature and everything around him.

Veterinarian Technicians & Assistants

Fátima Clemente

Veterinary Assistant

Fátima finished her degree in Fine Arts in 2000, initially working as a secondary school teacher. Over the years she found her true vocation centred arojund animals and decided to turn her life around.

She trained as a dog groomer in Madrid and opened her own centre. Here, she worked as a dog groomer for 13 years and as a trainer for 8 more. She obtained the title of dog educator and took numerous courses in positive training, clicker and many others related to animal behaviour. She is currently an ATV at Bodión Hospital.

María José García


María José has a real love for animals. She has been a volunteer at the RECAL shelter in Almendralejo for more than 10 years, where she acquired a huge amount of knowledge about handling, behaviour and clinical animal care.
She qualified as a dog groomer in Seville 8 years ago. She joined Hospital Bodión in 2018, being a groomer and ATV of the centre. She always treats animals with the utmost care.

Luisa María Medina


Luisa María has been part of the Bodión team since March 2016 as the hospital's receptionist, although she performs a wide range of management and administrative functions.
She is the face of the centre and the person responsible for ensuring that our clients feel well looked after at the hospital. Luisa is an animal lover, who has been linked to the rural world since she was a child. She has obtained qualifications in agricultural business management and forestry. She adores horses, as well as music and is a professional singer outside the hospital.