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Our Team

There are many pathologies, alterations and diseases that animals can suffer. Our hospital is made up of a great team that has the necessary knowledge to be able to identify, diagnose and treat the diverse alterations that can make our best friends suffer.
We have veterinarians specialised in the different services we offer, thus ensuring the success of any of our treatments.


Diana de Juan

Veterinary Director

Diana graduated from the University of Zaragoza in 2001 and has an extensive international background in veterinary medicine. She started her career in the UK, where she gained experience in surgery and internal medicine for more than a year.

She then returned to Spain to work at a clinic in Ibiza, focusing on internal medicine and intensive care for over 4 years.

 Back in the UK, she developed an interest in diagnostic imaging, especially in ultrasound. She undertook further training courses and stays in the imaging department of Davies Veterinary Specialists. In 2011, she founded Serveis Veterinaris Ciutat d’Inca, with the aim of providing high quality veterinary services, highlighting her deep love for animals.

 In recent years, Diana has expanded her knowledge in dermatology, oncology and feline medicine, attending specialised courses and congresses. In 2022, she obtained the European Certificate in Feline Medicine (GPCert felp) by the ISVPS.

César Villarroya

Veterinary Director

César obtained a degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Zaragoza in 2022, with a solid background backed by several stays in clinics and hospitals in the UK.

With more than two decades of experience, including four years in a veterinary clinic in Ibiza and two years at the Julia Boness Veterinary Hospital in Bedfordshire, he has developed specialisations in Neurology, Neurosurgery and Traumatology. 

In 2011, he co-founded Serveis Veterinaris Ciutat d’Inca after his time at a veterinary hospital in Granollers, Barcelona, focusing on Neurology and Traumatology. In 2021, he obtained the ISVPS GPCert Neuro Certificate, recognised at the European level.

Salva Rubio


Salva graduated from the University of Extremadura in 2015, completed a one-year internship in the department of internal medicine and surgery at UEX.

He then spent two years working at a veterinary hospital in Madrid before joining the team at Hospital Veterinari Ciutat d’Inca in 2018. Since then, Salva has maintained a constant commitment to continuing education, participating in numerous national and international courses. 

His focus has been particularly on neurology, traumatology and soft tissue surgery, including obtaining a master’s degree in traumatology and participating in various specialised congresses.

Ariadna Garcia


With a degree in veterinary medicine from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the doctor continued her training with an internship at Canis Hospital. In January 2019,

she joined the team of the Veterinary Hospital Ciutat d’Inca, where she continued her training with courses and congresses.

 Her passion for the area of emergency and intensive care led her to pursue a master’s degree in this specialty.

Antonia Amengual


Antonia graduated from CEU Cardenal Herrera University in Valencia in 2021. With a great interest in feline medicine, she completed a postgraduate degree in this speciality and continues her training with courses and congresses,

the last one being on feline geriatrics.In May 2022, she joined the team of the Veterinary Hospital Ciutat d’Inca, where feline medicine stands out. In this centre, Antonia can contribute and expand her knowledge in the area she is passionate about.

Jaime Campuzano


He graduated from CEU Cardenal Herrera University in 2022. His interest in the small animal clinic grew as he studied subjects specialising in pets.

He is currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in veterinary training. He started working as a general veterinarian at the Veterinary Hospital Ciutat d’Inca. Due to its high volume of work and the excellent team at this hospital, it is a great opportunity to continue training in the different areas of veterinary medicine. In particular, he has a special interest in cardiology.

Técnicos y Auxiliares

Silvia Bosa

Veterinary Assistant

Silvia studied the ACV course at I-Vet in Valencia and upon completion, in July 2021, she did her internship in Veterinary Hospitals in Valencia, and after that she continued her training with a post-graduate course in operating room assistance.

Silvia studied the ACV course at I-Vet in Valencia and upon completion, in July 2021, she did her internship in Veterinary Hospitals in Valencia, and after that she continued her training with a post-graduate course in operating room assistance.

Virginia Agueda

Veterinary Assistant

Virginia finished the Veterinary Assistant and Technical Assistant course at Nubika Academy in November 2022. She began her 350-hour internship at the Hospital Veterinari Ciutat d'Inca in September 2022.

Currently, Virginia is taking a Veterinary Technical Assistant programme at Ifevet, specialising in the area of Emergencies, since her work at the hospital requires this preparation. In addition, she plans to continue studying and to specialise in Anesthesia because she also has a passion for working in the operating room.

Carolina Calderon

Veterinary Assistant

Carolina finished her VTA training in 2021 and continued her training with VTA courses in operating room and emergency care. She joined the Ciutat d'Inca Veterinary Hospital team in 2022.

The area that most appeals to her is the operating room; she enjoys being present at operations and assisting the veterinarian in all aspects of the surgical area. On the other hand, she also enjoys working with hospitalised patients and monitoring and performing the necessary diagnostic tests; be it blood tests, x-rays, etc.

Magdalena Massanet

Veterinary Assistant

Magdalena completed her VTA training in December 2012 and worked for 10 years in a small clinic, where she developed her skills in different areas such as reception, the operating room, laboratory and hospitalisation.

Her passion is in the practice, where she enjoys interacting with patients and their tutors, being the veterinarian’s right hand.

In September 2023, she joined Ciutat d’Inca Veterinary Hospital, excited about the opportunities for professional growth and learning in a hospital environment.