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About Us

24-hour Veterinary Hospital in Inca, Mallorca

It offers veterinary medical care 365 days a year.

The Ciutat d’Inca Veterinary Hospital, founded in 2011, has become a reference in the central and northern area of Mallorca.

Since 2016, it offers 24-hour on-site emergency care and in 2022 it moved to a new, larger (650m2) and modern location, with cat-friendly facilities and a CAT scan for greater diagnostic accuracy. Its team of 17 professionals, including 11 veterinarians, offers a close and personalised treatment, performing trauma surgery and neurosurgery, hospitalisation, emergency care and a feline clinic.

Specialised in traumatology, we offer joint surgeries and fracture correction. Our ultrasound includes gestational diagnosis and fetal blood flow. In addition, we have a store specialising in nutrition and offer home consultations for vaccinations and blood sample extraction.