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Our Team

In our center, we want to offer our clients a service that contributes to the well-being and good health of their pets. To do this, we have a team of veterinary professionals made up of graduates in the field as well as highly qualified technicians.

All of them are characterized by their high level of education and their passion for animals. Of course, all of them are chosen for their seriousness and good customer service. Having a team of professional veterinarians in Tenerife is essential for your pet to have a good state of health


Roberto Porto

Director Veterinario

Roberto has a degree in veterinary medicine from the University of Leon, Spain, with a specialisation in diagnostic imaging

He has extensive experience in surgery, endoscopy, and cardiology.

After finishing his studies, he received a scholarship from the European Union to work in northern Italy. Subsequently, he worked for four years in a referral hospital in Barcelona. In 2017, he moved to the Canary Islands, where he founded a veterinary clinic in the north of Tenerife. In 2022, he opened the El Madroñal Veterinary Centre in Costa Adeje.

He also has experience as a veterinarian in the United States and has published articles on the subject in national and international journals.

Gema Sánchez


Gema is a veterinarian specialised in surgery and internal medicine. She has been part of the team of the El Madroñal Veterinary Centre since 2022.

She graduated in veterinary medicine from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 2020.

After graduation, she worked for 3 years in hospitals in Madrid, where she developed experience in intensive care and internal medicine. She is currently focused on surgery and internal medicine consultations.

  In 2020, she obtained a postgraduate degree in small animal internal medicine at CEU Valencia. In 2022, she completed the General Practitioner Certificate in Small Animal Surgery (Improve) in Madrid.

 In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her three furry friends: Sigrid, her Doberman, and her two Bengal kittens, Apollo and Iris.

Eva Cámara


Eva is a veterinarian who graduated from the Alfonso X el Sabio University, with experience in clinics and hospitals in Spain and England.

She has a postgraduate degree in animal nutrition and shows a growing interest in fields such as internal medicine and rehabilitation. Her dedication and constant search for knowledge guarantee high quality care for the wellbeing of animals.

Passionate about her profession, Eva strives to stay current and provides a unique combination of expertise and compassion in her work. Her goal is to contribute to the care and health of the pets and living creatures she cares for by providing exceptional, personalised service.

Marisol López

Auxiliar Veterinaria

Marisol is a professional with a solid background in veterinary and canine grooming.

Earning a degree as a veterinary assistant in 2014 and a specialisation in dog grooming in 2016, Marisol has demonstrated a constant commitment to the care and wellbeing of animals.

Her experience covers different facets of the animal world, from the sale of products for pets to her work as an assistant in the care and beautification of dogs through dog grooming. In addition, she has played a key role as a veterinary assistant in a specialised clinic, providing care and attention essential for the welfare of animals.

 Marisol is passionate about her work and strives to provide the highest level of care and service to animals, making her an invaluable resource in any pet health and care environment. Her combination of training, experience and dedication makes her an ideal candidate for any professional team dedicated to animal care.

Sara Vargas


In 2022, Sara successfully completed a Veterinary Assistant course, consolidating her knowledge in the field of animal health.

Her passion is focused on areas such as anesthesia, ethology, feline medicine, and veterinary oncology.

 In addition, she has a solid academic background, having obtained her degree in Hispanic philology and her graduate degree in sociology. This diversity of knowledge gives her a unique perspective and an ability to communicate effectively in diverse contexts and with different people.

Bárbara Gómez


Barbara has a solid background as a veterinary assistant, having obtained her degree in 2014. Since then, she has accumulated valuable experience in the industry, playing a key role in our veterinary centre during this period.

Her commitment to excellence is reflected in her continuous pursuit of knowledge and skills. In addition to her training as a veterinary assistant, she has complemented her profile with an in-depth therapeutic dog training course.

With her extensive background in the veterinary field and her ability to work with therapy dogs, she is a valuable asset to our team and will undoubtedly bring a high level of expertise to the care and well-being of our patients.