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Animal Reproduction


The demand for artificial insemination in dogs has grown considerably in recent years. This is because it helps breeders and veterinary surgeons to improve reproduction in animals with genetic merit, driven by the desire to preserve the breed or their love for animals. This technique is also being increasingly demanded by private owners, who wish to ensure veterinary controls for their pets in reproduction processes and prevent births, caesarean sections or infertility.

Assisted reproduction involves the management of four fundamental elements: 

Management of the breeding male

Management of the breeding female

Management of mating: mating or artificial insemination?

Management of gestation and delivery or caesarean section.

CLINICAN is the sole representative in Spain for the CLONE USA system for the freezing and refrigeration of canine semen.

For more than 30 years, Ricard Cordoba, from one of the UNAVETS Clinican centres in Girona, has been the sole representative in Spain of for CLONE USA system for freezing and refrigeration of canine semen. This exclusive system (CLONE KIT) has a conception effectiveness ratio of up to 94.2%.

One of the advantages of this system (exclusive in Spain at the UNAVETS Clinican clinic in Girona) is that it allows the preparation of refrigerated semen for remote inseminations. It is therefore no longer necessary to travel to bring together two dogs that are separated by distance. Effective control of the female’s oestrus, by means of vaginal cytology and quantitative progesterone determinations, is all that is needed in order to know the best time to receive or send the semen prepared with the CLONE KIT.


Thawed semen can survive in full fertility for up to 3 days (if kept refrigerated), due to the protective effect of the unique extender on the sperm.

Semen prepared with CLONE diluents improves its quality because, with this method, the substances and liquids that make up the ejaculate are eliminated, and the spermatozoa are preserved exclusively for dilution with the protectors designed by CLONE.

This service is possible in Spain thanks to Ricard Córdoba, a veterinary surgeon who is not only a specialist in the system, but also the expert who founded the first canine sperm bank in Spain, the Unidad de Reproducción Canina de Catalunya in 1997. His wealth of experience offers breeders top quality results.