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At Abat Marcet Veterinary Hospital, in Terrassa, we are determined to provide the best care for our patients.
Abat Marcet Veterinary Hospital patients are constantly monitored by our veterinarians. Our clinic, based in Barcelona, offers constant infusion equipment for fluid therapy, nutrition through esophageal tube, drains, catheters, oxygen therapy, heat lamps and more.

Hospitalization is essential for animals that have just undergone surgery for diseases that require treatment and continuous supervision (renal failure, severe infectious processes, digestive disorders…), where they receive intravenous fluid therapy, parenteral nutrition and medication. 

Our veterinarians and assistants at Abat Marcet Veterinary Hospital provide constant supervision by checking your pet’s hydration, food intake, vital signs, oxygen levels etc.

This allows them to be sure of any changes in the patient’s condition so they can provide the correct treatment.

We have equipment for monitoring and treatment of all types of animals (heat lamps, infusion equipment, and an intensive care unit (ICU) cage in which oxygen and temperature are controlled).