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Diagnostic Imaging

"More than diagnosis, more than Image".

Our motto for our Diagnostic Imaging area, taken from a talk by a medical radiologist, is: “More than diagnosis, more than imaging”. And the bet is very strong:

This slogan defines us very much because we go beyond the pure and simple “diagnosis” that can be made by looking at cold images on the screen. Hence the importance of contact and clinical history.

“More than diagnosis” commits us to offer solutions, treatments, surgeries, alternatives… and to ask ourselves the question: what else can we do to help in this case? Are we doing everything we can to contribute something more than a “simple” diagnosis? That is the essence of our department, to help and be available to clinics and centers in the next steps.

“More than Imaging” is not only to focus on the technique itself, but to be able to offer in our center those novel techniques that complement and rely on imaging to be able to be given. For example, image-guided minimally invasive techniques. The sum of techniques multiplies the positive results for patients. Always.

Diagnostic tests we offer

At the Diagnosfera Referral Veterinary Centre in San Sebastián de los Reyes we offer the following diagnostic imaging tests:

  • CT: Computed Tomography, known as CT is a technique of Advanced Diagnostic Imaging. We are one of the pioneers and veterans in the use of this technique with more than seven years working with the most advanced technology. Our current equipment, a General Electric Revolution ACT, 16-slice, allows studies with high scanning speed, reducing study time and promoting maximum image quality and patient safety. Moreover, combined with the use of a contrast injector, it allows further adjustment of exposure times and improves vascular studies in giant breeds.
  • Advanced ultrasound: the image quality of Toshiba’s Aplio 300 Platinum equipment, in advanced ultrasound both at abdominal and musculoskeletal soft tissue level, allows high levels of diagnostic accuracy, as well as its combination with CT scans for high-precision sampling.
  • Fluoroscopy: fluoroscopy techniques allow real-time X-ray assessment and therefore the performance of respiratory studies to assess patients with, for example, tracheal collapse, as well as digestive level or in traumatology and neurology or urinary system. It is an indispensable complement to minimally invasive techniques.

These tests are important tools that can help us to keep pets healthy throughout their lives.